Engineering is an infinite process

Engineering is an infinite process

When you were a kid, did you ever wish to be an engineer? Are you one now? If yes, then you probably understand how infinite and vast plastic/engineering is. Engineering is a branch of science and technology that deals with understanding the design,structure, and dynamics of different processes and objects. It involves getting insights into the working of machines and understanding every aspect related to them. It is not only restricted to machines but even includes chemicals, buildings, electric devices and so on.When we say engineering is an infinite process, what exactly do we mean here? There are several reasons why this statement is true. Some are discussed below-

Nothing remains constant

The quote”Change is the only constant” is apt for the field of plastic/engineering.  Read more about applications, fundamentals and properties of plastic engineering by click at Engineering is such a vast field that nothing remains constant and change is the basis of survival in this field. Changing technology, new researches, new findings are some reasons why engineering is considered as one of the most complex and diverse fields.For instance- If we talk about the plastic industry, then engineering has completely revolutionized the whole industry. Development of bio degradable polymer is one such example.

Engineering is an infinite process

Practical and connecting

Everything in engineering is based on facts and proofs. Nothing is assumed. This makes the field very practical and also helps it to grow and develop. Engineering is one such field which connects with every other field and industry out there. Be it business, commerce, management or even medical field. What makes plastic/engineering infinite is that it contributes in every field in some or the other way. This continuous connection with several fields makes it infinite.For instance- Electrical engineers helped build CT scanners, pacemakers and many other machines that are used in the medical field.

Innovation (Problem solving)

Have you ever realized that most of your problems have been solved because some engineer used his brain to create something unique? Over the last 100 years, so many new machines and gadgets that have provided solutions to the human problems havebeen developed. The scope of invention is what makes plastic/engineering infinite and developments are the need of the hour. People want something different, useful and unique that makes their life easier and makes the world a better place to live in.

For instance- Bakelite was the first plastic invented in 1907 and was made using synthetic polymer. But now, more than 100 years later we have a huge variety of polymers such as low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene etc which are used to make almost everything.

It is a fact that engineers have completely changed our living standards and have helped in the evolution of every single field out there. Talking about the plastic industry, in 1900’s plastic in very basic form of Bakelite and synthetics was used. Then in 1938, first toothbrush with nylon tufts was manufactured and finally in 1939 engineers successfully started producing polyethylene on machines in UK. Now in 2017, if you look around yourself carefully, you will find that every second object has some amount of plastic in it. We have plastic bags, bottles, currency and what not.The above reasons and example show that plastic/engineering has always been the most diverse and innovative field. It has helped us to reach the moon and has also given us a television to watch that rocket launch live.

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