Plastic! A source of building modern world

Plastic! A source of building modern world

The production of engineering plastics, including rods, plates and pipes of polyamide-6, polyethylene and polypropylene has significantly increased in the past few decades, as the possibilities of use of this material in advanced technologies, especially engineering have increased as well. Additionally, as plastic is mostly considered a waste which has negative effects on the Planet Earth, scientists have thought of the solution and smart ways of using plastics in engineering.

1. The application of plastic/engineering in industry.

Plastics are truly a source of building a modern world because they can be used in black and non-ferrous metallurgy, in the textile industry, in the leather and footwear industry, in the food industry, in wood and paper industry, as well as the cellulose industry, in the vehicle industry. Furthermore, plastics have a wide range of application in agriculture and poultry machinery industry, mining and construction, electrical industry and chemical industry. For example, Polystone of different densities belongs to the thermoplastic category of engineering plastics and is suitable for use in the food industry for the storage of nutrients because it does not react with any chemical compound. To know that engineering is an infinite process, click at

Plastic! A source of building modern world

2. Advantages of using plastic/engineering.

Industrial plastics are increasingly used as substitutes for common natural and semi-artificial materials, such as wood, metal and glass. One of the main advantages of its application is simpler and faster processing. Due to the small specific weight, the price of the plastic part is lower than the price of the same piece made of traditional materials. Many types of plastic are highly resistant to chemicals and fatigue.

3. Plastics in construction industry.

There are many kinds of plastic/engineering solutions that made certain construction wonders possible. As a matter of fact, the construction / building industry is the second largest industry which uses plastics in large amounts. The first is packaging industry. A wide range of applications in a building require plastic: piping, insulation, frames, interior, … Even sustainability experts say that plastics is no longer frowned upon, as there are methods to make the best out of it. Plastic insulation, recycled plastic installations and replacing scarce natural materials are only some of the proper uses of plastics in building construction industry.

4. Prospects for the future.

Currently, there are 40 million kilometers of roads in the world. Hundreds of millions of barrels of oil / bitumen were used for the production of asphalt and construction of these roads. The scarcity of natural resources we are expecting in the near future could endanger the development of the road construction industry as well. Therefore, a new material was supposed to be found. Engineers have been searching for a solution for years in order to reduce pollution, but also to meet the needs of modern times. They found the solution in plastic/engineering. Scientists came up with the idea of ​​making a plastic/engineering asphalt, which would also solve the problem of the accumulation of plastic waste and environmental pollution. A new industrial method for the production of asphalt was found. Waste plastic is transformed into plastic granules and mixed with the asphalt mass. Granules replace a certain percentage of bitumen, which connects all other ingredients. England already began to build roads using this invention and prospects for the future are bright.

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